French TEF 12/2 EO-CO

Getting ready to take your French TEFAQ or TEF Canada exam?

Study 12 hours during 2 weeks
Expression Orale and Compréhension Orale (Speaking and Listening)
Learn the techniques to succeed on exam day.

Course Overview


Understand how you are evaluated on the EO exam.

Learn to vary your vocabulary, while using speech appropriate to the situation. Practice your speaking skills and receive valuable feedback. Learn more about what the evaluators are focused on.

Understand the 4 sections of CO

By studying the different elements required for the 4 sections of the French TEFAQ or TEF Canada exams, you give yourself the edged needed to reach the B2 level.

Need more practice

Continue up to 4 more weeks for added practical advice and training.


Monday, Wednesday and Friday
6:15 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.
12 hours / two weeks
Next Dates
offered in February dates to be confirmed

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