TEFAQ & TEF Canada Preparation on-line

TEF French Exams

One of the most valuable reasons to enroll in an exam preparation course is to develop the skills needed to pass at the B2 level.

Your P3 instructors are familiar with the elements that are most likely to appear on the exams. That means they will guide you in building the strategies necessary to mastering the exam.

These fast-paced preparation courses via ZOOM include:
  • Simulation listening exercises
  • Targeted vocabulary development
  • Role-play practice
  • Writing skills practice
  • Techniques and strategies to help you succeed on the day of the exam

One Week CO

$160.0010 hours
  • Compréhension Orale
    Listening Exam Prep
  • Monday to Friday.

One Week EO

$160.0010 hours
  • Expression Orale
    Speaking exam prep
    Monday to Friday

TEF Exam Workshop

$65.00 2 hours
  • Intensive two-hour workshop
    Offered every Saturday
    10:00 - 12:00

32-hour French

550.0032 hours
  • Evening French classes
    4 weeks A1 / A1+
    Wednesday and Friday

Writing Skills

Private EE2+ hours
  • Exam based written expression preparation
    Flexible schedule

48-hour French

820.0048 hours
  • Evening French classes
    8 weeks A2+ / B1
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Private Lessons

Private2+ hours
  • Focus on your particular needs
    Flexible schedule
    All skills available

Reading Skills

Private CE2+ hours
  • Exam based reading comprehension preparation
    Flexible schedule